The Harmful Effects of Pesticides

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pest 300x200 The Harmful Effects of PesticidesWe all do it. Spray down our trees, lawns, and even veggie gardens with some pesticide. Do we really know the kind of danger we are adding to nature? Well if you didn’t know before, you will now:

Environmental Effects:

  • Pesticides linger for very long periods of time in our atmosphere, ground, and waterways
  • Pesticide transfer is another way pesticides cause damage beyond their intended use, which can lead to too much movement of the pesticide, reduced pest control, contamination of groundwater and surface water, and potential injury to humans

Soil Effects

  • Levels of trace minerals in fruits and vegetables decreased 76% between 1940 and 1990 on farms
  • Our soil is depleted of nutrition thanks to pesticides
  • Many non-organic foods (foods that receive pesticides) have less nutritional value than organic foods. Research has consistently found pesticide residues in a third of food, including residues of more than one chemical in apples, baby food, bread, cereal bars, fresh salmon, lemons, lettuces, peaches, nectarines, potatoes and strawberries

Health Effects

  • Pesticides have been linked to a variety of diseases, such as cancer, nervous system diseases, and reproductive problems, through home and garden exposure
  • There has also been an increase of neurological disorders associated with pesticides such as Parkinson’s disease, childhood leukemia, lymphoma and asthma
  • Remnants of pesticides have even been discovered in the bloodstream of cancer patients

Indoor Pollution

  • Pesticides are easily tracked indoors by shoes, clothes, and even hair, which in turn can be absorbed by the skin. You could be breathing in the very chemicals used to make grass grow or kill pests while sitting at dinner or fast asleep in bed
  • Children and pets are at risk for these pesticides since they can stay dormant in the carpet, furniture, and air for years
  • The EPA has found that pesticide pollutants were two to five times higher indoors than outdoors

So next time you want to have the tree sprayer come, or even lay some fertilizer down on your lawn, just remember the harm you may be causing to not only the environment but to your family as well.


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